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Terms and Conditions

BalHira SciTech Corporation Editing and Proofreading Services Terms & Conditions


Contracting the services of implies acknowledgment and acceptance of the company's terms and conditions as detailed in the present document.


Our clients retain sole copyright, ownership, intellectual property, and control over all materials submitted to us, including any documents subsequently created or developed by us and/or our editors (a hard copy signed Non-disclosure agreement is available upon request).


We assume no liability for the infringement of third party copyright in the content of our clients' documents. It is the client's sole responsibility to properly research and include all acknowledgments and citations within their text. Furthermore, is neither responsible nor liable for any damage to computer hardware, software, websites, content or other assets arising from the distribution of computer viruses.


All service types are explained in detail when you submit a project. While we (or any other professional editing services) cannot guarantee perfection, we do guarantee that we will re-edit or re-proofread any document that does not satisfy the client within the parameters of the service level description and/or the client's original instructions.


Clients acknowledge and agree to our refunds policy which clearly states that all editorial and consulting services are performed to the best of our abilities, begin immediately upon ordering, and will be rendered on their behalf in good faith. In the event that a document submitted for editing or proofreading is fails to meet the client's requirements after re-edtiing or re-proofreading (see Section 6, REQUESTS FOR RE-EDITING), we offer a refund of up to 100% on the basis of a review of the work by our senior management.
Cancellation of editing services must be submitted in writing via email or fax. Phone calls, voice / chat messages and/or standard post/letters will not be acknowledged as formal cancellation. Upon receipt, will contact the assigned editor to cancel the project and to immediately discontinue editing services. Upon successful discontinuation/cancellation of editorial services, will then contact the client within 24 hours and notify them of their editing status. Editing service charges will be calculated and retained according to the degree of services provided, if any, by the editor prior to receipt and successful cancellation of client's service request. Services already performed by the editor will be delivered along with the remainder of the payment for the services not fulfilled due to cancellation. No returns, service credits or refunds will be issued for editing services ordered and completed by our editors and consultants. All fulfilled services are electronically transferred via email to the client's originally submitted email address. We are not responsible for any inaccessibility, including but not limited to lost passwords, email submission errors and/or failed transmissions. Note that all transmissions and orders must be placed electronically. 


Clients agree to resolve any questions, concerns or disputes regarding the quality of their completed editorial services by formally submitting a written request for a re-edit. This request for a re-edit must specifically outline all questions, concerns and/or possible editorial errors or omissions so that's editors may clearly address, respond and/or correct the areas of concern on the client's behalf as quickly and professionally as possible.
Client's request for a review and re-edit applies only to their original text and will be edited according to their original written instructions.  Corrections consist of any grammar, spelling, punctuation, editorial changes, or possible mistakes within the final edited work returned to the client by Thus, it does not include any additional re-editing, changes, additions or alterations made by the author/client after delivery of services. (That would create a new document and require a new editing project to be ordered.) will acknowledge receipt of the client¡¯s request for a review and begin immediate re-editing within 24 hours (the original deadline is reapplied in this case).