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Balhira SciTech Corporation provides following services:

  • Copy-editing : most commonly used by non-native English-speaking scientists
  • Proofreading : used by native as well as non-native English-speaking scientists to check galley proofs
  • Re-editing : for revised manuscripts previously edited by editors of BalHira SciTech
  • Translation : Translation of the Korean, Russian, and English manuscripts to either languages
  • Notarization, Appostille of the documents



At Balhira SciTech we offer foolproof scientific editing services. It specializes in improving the English to guarantee a fast, reliable, and error-free document. Thoroughly checked manuscript in a 3 step editing process will be ready for submissions to the top peer reviewed English language journals. This service is most popular and is ideal for non-native English-speaking scientists and for manuscripts that have been rejected for publication due to lack of clarity or readability.


Following services are included in the price of Copy-editing:

  • Comprehensive revision of the manuscript content and incorporation of substantive changes
  • Manuscripts edited by three professional science editors in a three step process
  • All editors who are native-English speaking scientists have substantial publication history
  • Figures and tables checked with the manuscript
  • improving the organization and quality of communication.
  • Editors throughout journal submission till publication
  • Triple-checks to improve the clarity and logic of presentation



Manuscript is reviewed for minor errors in copy (such as misspelled words and typographic errors), appropriate capitalization and punctuation, consistent use of abbreviations, and correct documentation of references. This service is used by both native English-speaking and non- native English-speaking scientists to check galley proofs.


Following services are included in the price of Copy-editing:

Reading the manuscript thoroughly & picking up all types of errors present therein,
Making appropriate corrections of the errors,
Reviewing the manuscript for grammatical corrections (punctuations),
Checking the manuscript for consistent use of abbreviations and correct documentation of references



This reduced cost Copy-editing service is for manuscripts previously edited by BalHira SciTech  Corporation. Examples of manuscripts that qualify for this service include: A) manuscripts that have been revised in response to reviewer comments,  B) manuscripts that have been revised for submission to a different journal, and C) manuscripts that have undergone extensive revision since the previous round of editing.



Manuscripts can be translated  from English to Korean and Russian or the Korean and Russian manuscripts are translated to English by the editors who are the native speakers of Korean and or Russian. The English versions of each manuscript is then subjected for the 3 step editing process of BalHira SciTech Corporation.